Wednesday, November 11, 2015

STEM Trivia Challenge - with Free Pizza!

Trivia! Pizza! Prizes! Join us on Tuesday, November 17 at 12:15 PM in NC 3405 for free pizza and fun STEM-themed trivia, hosted by your favorite emcee, Dr. Denn! We have four door prizes ($5 Amazon gift cards) which will be randomly awarded to attendees and prizes for the trivia winners, so lots of goodies this time. Everyone is welcome, so bring your friends from any STEM field!

We need to make a few important SPS announcements, so we will run trivia until about 1:15 PM, then have a brief discussion about the upcoming SPS-sponsored trip to the APS April Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT and the application process for students that wish to go. Please do your best to attend if you are interested in going to the conference! Email us at if you have any questions.

See you all there!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Ace The Interview!!

Dear Students,

Are you prepared to submit your resume at a moment’s notice?  Stop by the Office of Career Services in Tivoli 215 to get your resume reviewed and have it ready to give to employers from the aerospace, engineering, finance, marketing and management industries at

“Ace the Interview: Employers Tell All”
A Panel and Resume Collection Event
TUES November 10
3 to 5 p.m.
Tivoli 440

Recruiters from Ball Aerospace, Sundyne, and other companies will be on hand to meet you and collect resumes for open positions in their companies. An Internship in Manufacturing and Test Operations with Ball Aerospace is just one of the many career opportunities available!

You can prepare for this event in three easy steps:

1.      Print your current resume.
2.      Make an appointment to have your resume reviewed by a member of the Career Services counseling team, or stop by Tivoli 215 during Walk-In Hours.
3.      Stop by the event to drop off your resume, learn about career professional opportunities, meet recruiters, and get advice on how to ace a job interview.

For more information, stop by the Office of Career Services in Tivoli 215, or visit our website at

Friday, October 30, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

University Rover Challenge

Joseph Finkiewicz, a senior at MSU Denver in the Aerospace Systems Engineering Technology program, is the co-lead on the University Rover Challenge, and has invited us to join an Auraria competition team.

We are looking for students, of any level of experience, who want to be involved in this, and our goal is to get 3-9+ more students involved with the challenge; to design and build the next generation Mars rover that will someday work alongside astronauts on Mars. 

Some of the tasks include:
  • Navigating rough terrain (hills and drops),
  • Collects soil sample and analyzes it for environmental data & biological material,
  • Assists astronauts  in handling dexterous tasks,
  • Must use GPS and Radio Communications to operate

If you are interested please have contact me directly by phone or email

Name: Joe Finkiewicz
Phone: 303-396-7203

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The death of free will?

PhiDiP - Thursday, Oct. 15

This week is the final installment of our Quantum Mechanics series, which is culminating in our discussion about free will. Does QM guarantee that free will is possible, or does it simply not apply? Do some digging on your own, but here are a few resources to get you started:

This article from Scientific American has a good overview of a few different approaches, as well as some more in-depth links. Make sure to click the "Read next page" button until you get the whole article.

To give you fair warning, Dr. Doyle uses "chaotic" and "random" to mean the same thing, which we won't do anymore now that we've learned a little about chaos theory. But beyond that, this Harvard astrophysicist provides a nice, brief background on the subject. Browse some of the Free Will links in the left column to get more overview of free will in general.

From the physics media mogul Dr. Michio Kaku, this short video argues that quantum uncertainty allows free will to be possible.

A brief response to Dr. Kaku's video, where the author feels Dr. Kaku is oversimplifying the matter... It seems consensus on these matters is impossible, even amongst celebrated physicists!

This one doesn't address the type of free will we will generally be discussing, but it does have a brief treatment on Bell's theorem (which will be good to familiarize yourself with anyway). It also presents a new idea for testing that loophole in Bell's theorem!

See y'all Thursday!

Thursday, October 8, 2015


The CU Denver Biology Club is presenting GradCon 2015! This event will be highlighting the post-baccalaureate programs available at CU's Anschutz campus, including a panel of Anschutz's program directors and a networking session. This event is open to everyone, and you'll receive free lunch and a special gift if you RSVP on the Facebook page (
WhenMon, October 12, 11:00am – 2:30pm
WhereBaerresen Ballroom - Tivoli 320 (map)

SPS General Meeting

Physics! Fun! Everyone is welcome!

The Society of Physics Students is hosting our first (not-so-secret) General Meeting of the year!
This time, we will be hosting Team Physics Trivia, with PRIZES!! And SNACKS! So group up with a few new friends and see if you can survive our first round of Jeopardy-styled mayhem, after we catch you up on the recent goings-on of our very active SPS chapter: our new outreach initiative with the Denver Boys & Girls club, October movie night to see "The Martian," upcoming field trips to the VLA radio observatory in New Mexico and national conferences in Salt Lake City and San Francisco, and our regular on-campus events. You are invited!

Oct 13 from 1:00PM-2:00PM, North Classroom 3405

Free Online Course: Finite Element Method for Physics Problems

Hello Friends of SPS!

I thought I would share this free online course that started this week: 

The course title is "The Finite Element Method for Problems in Physics" and is being offered through the University of Michigan. This should be a great resource for understanding what goes on "under the hood" of many of the multiphysics simulation software that is available (especially Comsol, which we have available for students in the Computational Physics Lab NC3115).

I'm planning to take it, and if anyone else is interested we could meet periodically to go over the course material. If anyone does sign up, let me know!


Kristopher Bunker

Monday, October 5, 2015

This Week's PhiDiP - Thursday, Oct. 8 @ 12:15PM

We're on week three of our Quantum Mechanics series, and the topic this week is Chaos Theory (as a lead in to next week's discussion on free will). Here are some resources to get you started!

"Quantum Mechanics and Chaos - Daniel Kleppner"
A 12 min Youtube video with MIT Professor Daniel Kleppner discussing the uncertainty principle, the "rediscovery" of chaos known as the butterfly effect, and "quantum chaology."

"An Introduction to Quantum Chaos"
A very in depth introduction, but if you've got the time, check it out. Jump to page 22 to skip the background and read up on the three types of quantum chaos.

"A Brief Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Chaos & Decoherence"
No joke, this is VERY brief. Click the "MORE INFO" link for the 14 page summary on Quantum Chaos that is the real introduction here. :)

"Chaos theory"
Wikipedia is never my first choice for sources, but hey, they did their homework on this one:

"Chaos: Classical and Quantum"
If all this stuff is tickling your fancy, you can get the details from some of the pioneers of the field with their free online book and on-demand courses:

Make sure to hit up at least one resource before Thursday, and we'll see you then!

Colloquium Series: Dr. Karen Jonscher

Please join us this Friday, Oct. 9th at 3PM in NC 3405 for the next installment in our colloquium series with UCD Physics alum Dr. Karen Jonscher! 

Spaceflight and Lipotoxicity – can our livers withstand a trip to Mars?


The spaceflight environment impacts many physiological systems, resulting in potentially serious consequences, particularly for longer duration space exploration. As use of the International Space Station is increased, and with the rise of commercial spaceflight and tourism, the systemic effects of microgravity must be carefully investigated to protect human health.  Although altered muscle and bone metabolism following spaceflight have been the subject of intense study, little is known about how the functioning of other major metabolic organs, such as liver, is transformed by spaceflight.  Our analysis of liver acquired from mice flown aboard STS-135, the final mission of the US Space Shuttle Atlantis, reveals novel changes in expression of liver genes and metabolites suggesting the potential for activation of cellular processes that may be early precursors of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).  Although the 13-day flight duration is too short for frank fibrosis to develop, we observed retinol loss plus changes in markers of extra-cellular matrix remodeling, raising the concern that much longer duration exposure to the space environment may result in progressive liver damage.  Our provocative results point toward risks astronauts may face on long-duration space exploration, such as a mission to Mars.


Dr. Karen Jonscher is a Denver native and began her scientific career in the UC Denver Physics Department.  Interested in spaceflight, she transferred to Boulder and majored in Engineering Physics with the idea of going to graduate school in Aeronautical Engineering.  However, her love of physics won out and following the advice of her mentors, she followed the pioneers west to California and pursued a PhD in Applied Physics at CalTech.  There she was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Leroy Hood, who was seeking to build an interdisciplinary department of Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Washington.  She joined his group and moved to Seattle where she pioneered cutting edge mass spectrometry hardware and software that became standard proteomics platforms.  Karen realized there was a gap between the mass spectrometrists who understood how to analyze samples and the biologists who understood the problems. During her postdoctoral studies at National Jewish Health and in Boulder, and subsequently as a faculty member at the Anschutz Medical Campus, she worked to fill that gap by directing a proteomics core facility, engaging in many productive collaborations with a variety of researchers, including a group interested in the effects of spaceflight on liver health.  Recently, Dr. Jonscher transitioned into biomedical research, where she is using multi-‘omics techniques to understand the role of maternal exposure to fat on offspring metabolic health, and is continuing her spaceflight-related work.

Hi everybody! Hope your weekend went well. Just wanted to let you know about a free speed-reading and memory retention class for all Metro students being held by Iris Speed Reading Classes.

Here's the link to register, but check it out quickly, as classes are filling up quickly...

One tonight 10/5 at 5:00-5:45pm
Wed, 10/7 and Mon,10/12 both at 5:00 as well.
There's a memory retention class being held on Thur, 10/15 5:00-5:30 as well.

Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This Week's PhiDiP - Thursday, Oct. 1 @ 12:15PM

It's week two of our Quantum Mechanics series, and we have a few articles to get you prepped for our discussion this week on the various Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics. Also, I've included an article from Julia about Archaea (which we touched on when discussing the possibilities of astrobiology) in case anyone wants to dig a little deeper there.

"Tom's Top 10 interpretations of quantum mechanics"
This article briefly goes over 10 (you guessed it) interpretations of QM and includes links to scholarly articles and other resources for each interpretation listed. A good place to start!

"How Quantum Suicide Works"
A longer article covering the Copenhagen interpretation, with links, in very accessible language. Nice one, Alex!

"Do parallel universes really exist?"
Another one from Alex, this article (with videos and links) is on the Many Worlds interpretation.

🌟"The Most Embarrassing Graph in Modern Physics"
Just for fun, here are the results of a poll taken of modern quantum physicists to see which interpretation they "prefer." VERY interesting... ;)

And last, but not least:
"Archaea Are More Wonderful Than You Know"
A fairly in-depth take on Archaea and the implications of their biology. Enjoy!

See you this Thursday, Oct. 1 @ 12:15PM in NC 3405!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Colloquium Series: Dr. Jennifer Kitaygorsky

Please join us this Friday, Sept. 25 at 3PM in NC 3405 for our next colloquium speaker. Dr. Kitaygorsky is a CU Denver Physics alum who is here to share her work in aerospace with us.

Electromagnetics in Practice:
How Airplanes Survive Lightning and Other Electromagnetic Environments



In this talk, I will discuss how the field of electromagnetics applies to aircraft and spacecraft design and aircraft certification. I will focus on electromagnetic environmental effects such as lightning, precipitation static, high intensity radiated fields, spacecraft charging, and the broader field of electromagnetic compatibility. I will also cover what it's like to be a scientist and a consultant for the aerospace industry.



Jennifer Kitaygorsky received a B.S. in Physics from the University of Colorado at Denver in 2001, and a Ph.D. from the University of Rochester Electrical Engineering Department in 2008. As an undergraduate, she was a recipient of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Professional Research Experience Program (PREP) Fellowship. It was followed by a fellowship from the Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CFDR) Junior Scientist Program when Jennifer was attending the University of Rochester. Jennifer currently works for a consulting company, Electro Magnetic Applications (EMA), as a scientist

Jennifer specializes in validation and verification of computational electromagnetics codes, making use of her extensive experimental experience. She is also an expert in measuring electromagnetic properties of anisotropic composite materials and nanomaterials. In addition, Jennifer has consulted for major civilian and military aerospace prime integrators, as well as evaluated inductive interference coupling on railroad tracks from high voltage power lines. She has developed full-wave computational electromagnetic (CEM) simulation, converted CAD drawings to sophisticated numerical models, and performed measurements of RF shielding and EM properties of novel and mission-critical materials. Jennifer has been with EMA since 2008.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

REUs and Internships: Make It Happen!

If you missed our colloquium last Friday on getting into these career-boosting programs, you still have access to all the tips and resources that we shared. Simply visit our Google Slides presentation to get caught up on the process, and as always, find us in NC 3405 if you ever have questions while you work on your applications this fall. You're welcome! ;)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Coming up!

Wed, September 9, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Science 1115
Women in STEM is a (non-SPS) club meant to promote and foster the continuing education and careers of women in the sciences at CU Denver. From their announcement: First meeting of the Fall 2015 semester! To engage in thoughtful and intellectual conversations with our peers about how women are impacting the STEM fields. Also, meet new people with the same like-minded goals. We also want to get to know everyone and take some suggestions on what the WiSTEM community would like to talk about this semester. Plus there will be tasty pizza!

Thursdays every week 
12:15 NC 3405          
Topic this Week: "What is Math?"
How deep does the rabbit hole go? Please join us for weekly discussions on the philosophy of physics! Email to join our PhiDiP email list to receive our weekly topic (with accompanying background articles,etc.). See you there! (Snacks provided!)

Colloquium Series: REUs and Internships with Evan Shapiro & Rosa Wallace
Fri, September 11, 3pm – 4pm
NC 3405
Want to get the most out of your undergraduate experience? Join us for a how-to session on undergraduate physics research opportunities and internships: we'll show you how to track down and apply for the programs that interest you, and share our tips for success. (Snacks provided!)

Mon, September 21, 7pm – 9pm
Regis University Denver Tech Center Campus


Dr. Mitchell Wayne of University of Notre Dame is coming to Denver to discuss the implications of the Higgs Boson. Please contact us at so we can reserve seats for our group. Public event!

Deadlines this Month:

MSU: Undergraduate Research Student Mini-Grant Deadline
Monday, Sep 28, 2015 5:00 pm

Some Cool Resources for All!!

The AAPT Films Page

Nine Original Videos starring Anna Spitz and writer/director James Lincoln provide examples of experiments you can perform immediately with just the cell phone in your pocket or the computer in front of you. Many of these demos have never been seen or explained anywhere else! (Click on them to see!)

See Your Retina Teaches you how to look at the blood vessels in the back of your eye! 
Hear Ultrasonic Connects you to an easy test to the upper limit of human hearing 
Easy Beats shows how simple it is to demonstrate soundwave interference 
Up Down Dizzy teaches about the inner ear and a new way to experience dizziness 
Audio Triangulation shows that the speed of sound in air is slower than you think 
Sing Happy Birthday reveals why Americans always start that song on the same note 
Hear Your Muscles a fun and easy way to find out what muscles sound like 
Newton’s Eye Poke a little known classic experiment from the master himself 
Credit Card Diffraction the easiest diffraction experiment you will ever do! 

Free Webinar on Seizing Value from Scientific Conference Participation

Join us for this indispensable webinar detailing how to maximize the value of attending an academic or industry conference. Topics include how to behave with speakers, how to meet the most important people at the conferences, and how to identify the most valuable sessions, events, and other experiences available. Conference etiquette (proper behavior and dress) and follow-up will also be discussed. Register for this free event, being held on September 17, 2015 at 2PM ET and co-sponsored by AAPT.,3LUVP,EOVIZ7,CYKMT,1

Starting an SPS Chapter from Scratch

Whether your SPS chapter is well established or brand new, if you're looking for new ideas to build community and increase engagement, this article from the SPS Observer is a great start! Share with your new 2015-2016 leadership team.

APS Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics Registration Open

Calling all women physics majors/enthusiasts!

Registration is now open for the 2016 Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, which will be held January 15-17, 2016 (the weekend before spring semester starts). APS covers your cost of attendance (hotel, some meals), though registration is ~$25 and it is likely we will need to apply for APS travel grants to cover our flights (which usually is not problematic).

The APS CUWiP goal is to help undergraduate women continue in physics by providing them with the opportunity to experience a professional conference, information about graduate school and professions in physics, and access to other women in physics of all ages with whom they can share experiences, advice, and ideas. You don't have to be a physics major to register.

A typical program will include research talks by faculty, panel discussions about graduate school and careers in physics, presentations and discussions about women in physics, laboratory tours, student research talks, a student poster session, and several meals during which presenters and students interact with each other.
This year's location for Colorado-based students is Black Hills State University in South Dakota. Let's represent CU Denver and MSU Denver there this January!
Please email us at if you are interested in attending, or go to to get more information and apply. A short statement is necessary to be accepted to the conference, so be prepared to express why you'd like to go.

Friday, August 28, 2015


Happy Friday!

We'd like to announce the topic of the first discussion in our PhiDiP Series this semester:

"Physicists are Philosophers, Too"

Please take any free time you may have to read the following article for a more in depth discussion (But as always any and all are welcome to come and participate!) 

The group will meet in NC 3405 from 12:15-1:15p on Thursday the 3rd!!!!! (Snacks provided)

Have a great weekend, and we'll see you Thursday.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

On Tap for the Next Couple Weeks

Hello all and welcome back to the new semester!!! We hope your break was everything you wanted it to be!

Were back in action here and are planning lots for the semester so join us at our first couple of meetings for the inside look at the whole semester :) 

Here is just a Quick Overview of what Fun Events we've planned for you over the next couple weeks

8/27 (Thursday)
         Welcome Back Pizza Party w/ PhiDiP 
        @ 12:00 pm in room NC3405
         PhiDiP is our new discussion group here to talk          about any and all philisophical debates in                    physics. Should be lots of fun and will be held            weekly!!!

8/28 (Friday)
         Colloquium with OUR AMAZING GUEST                                             DR. DENN!!!
         Radio Telescopes and Galaxies
         Snacks provided
         2:30 pm in room NC 3405

9/3 (Thursday)
        12:00 pm NC 3405

9/4 (Friday)
       GRE PREP SESSION @ 2:00 pm in room NC 3405

9/4 (Friday)
       1st Ever SCIENCE ALLIANCE meeting 
       5pm at InWorks (1250 14th St. Denver, CO 80202)

You can always refer to our calendar as well if you forget what is coming up and when! 

Keep in touch with us as always through our email for comments, questions or things you'd like to see happen!!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Denver APS Local Link is back in Boulder!

 Join us on Thursday, July 9, 6:00 pm at KM Labs

Henry Kapteyn, Founder and CEO of KM Labs, will give an informal talk. Please join us to hear from Henry and for a great networking opportunity!

Light refreshment will be provided. APS Local Links events are free to attend and open to all.

To find up-to-date information on events and connect with your fellow Denver APS Local Link members, please join our LinkedIn group -

We'd love to see you join us there!! 

Also join APS Local Links on Linkedin!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

HENAAC Conference

Calling all Hispanic scholars! Great Minds in STEM is hosting the HENAAC STEM Career Conference, which will be held in Pasadena, CA from October 14-18, 2015. This conference is intended to honor the contributions of Hispanic members of all STEM fields and provide an opportunity for students to network with Hispanic STEM professionals and each other, as well as connect with institutions that may offer opportunities for graduate school, internships, and jobs. Professional development workshops are also offered.

Early registration comes with a large discount on fees, and is also required in order to apply for travel grants to cover approved travel expenses. This is a great opportunity to "get your foot in the door" with companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, IBM, and others!

For more information on the conference, please visit and for details on registration fees, visit

If we have several members interested, we may be able to room and/or travel together, so please send an email to us at if you'd like to attend so we can put a list together.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Interested in Participating??

MSU Denver and CU Denver students come together to make our local Society of Physics Students an excellent, welcoming and fun place. Please consider joining us.

  • Camaraderie and connections with your fellow physics enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome.
  • Regular intellectual stimulation...
  • ... occasional opportunities for free food.
  • Our local group works to engage people on physics topics, both on and off campus. We invite speakers and have various kinds of social events. 
  • The national SPS organization sponsors scholarships, internships, research & travel grants, as well as job and and career information. Joining the leadership team of our local SPS chapter adds valuable experience to your resume and can lead to other exciting opportunities as well.
  • If you are interested in being an officer in the local SPS chapters (either MSU Denver or UCD) please email or stop by NC 3405 ASAP. Elections are being held next week (ending on Thursday the 30th).
  • Ballots and a ballot box will be on the table beneath our white board in NC3405

Upcoming events:
  • High school students form Aurora will be presenting their work in an innovation lab on Friday, May 1st, at 10:30 in and around the 3600 hallway of North Classroom.
  • A presentation on renewable energy and physics, along with snacks at 3:00 PM on Friday, May 1st in NC 3405.
  • May 8th: End of the semester shindig (NC3405). Possibly including a really fun talk with demonstrations relating to physics, music and resonance followed by some live music! 
Stay tuned by joining the group on, or by contacting us at our email!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Colloquium Series Talk Three


Do you think you can win a
FREE RED BULL trip to Austria
for simply throwing a paper airplane?
... I think so!!! Well great news,
AurarIa Campus Hosts the Qualifying Event On April 7th for a GLOBAL Paper Air Plane Competition in Austria
Auraria Campus Invites the Campus’s Best Designers, Innovators, and Aviators
to Compete For A Spot in the Global Competition

I present to you Red Bull Paper Wings!

WHAT: Simply come throw a paper airplane and potentially win a free trip to Austria! Win in one or all three categories; Distance, Airtime, or Aerobatics. We will be selecting a winner from each category (three opportunities people!) for a chance to compete in the global competition in Austria- all completely free to you! The past two years that this event was hosted, students from Colorado won a free trip to Austria- This could be you! Let’s keep the tradition going strong eh?! Come show us what you’ve got!

ABOUT:  Forget cockpits, jet engines, and the sweet smell of kerosene.  The only equipment needed is an ordinary, commercial sheet of paper: standard A4 format (297×210mm), not more than 100gms. We will provide plenty to practice with :)  But the recipe for success also requires a strong dose of exceptional folding abilities as well as creativity, imagination, and a grasp of basic aeronautic rules. Check out the 2012 world finals here to get a feel for what this event is like:

WHO:  The Auraria Campus will host a qualifying event in the hopes of sending another local winner to Austria in May.  Sign-ups are now open to all students at UCD MSU and CCD at Just search for "Auraria Campus"!

WHEN & WHERE:  The Auraria Campus qualifier will take place on Tuesday April 7th from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m in the Gym at the recreation center (PE Building) on campus. The May event in Austria will be hosted at the iconic Hangar-7 home of the acrobatic Flying Bulls.

WHY:  Tens of thousands of self-trained pilots (paper airplane pilots that is) will put their extraordinary skills to the test in more than 80 countries on four continents for one of the world’s most international events and the top paper plane contests.All in the name of earning bragging rights and the esteemed title of Red Bull Paper Plane Champion.  We are hoping that a local Roadrunner, Lynx, or Cityhawk from the Auraria Campus will represent us well and bring home the crown!

Fold it, calibrate it, and check the aerodynamics before releasing the plane for a place in the record books.  More than 37,000 fierce competitors from 83 countries took part in the qualifiers in 2012 and that number is set to rise this year as they chase to dethrone Lebanon’s Elie Chemaly, who won with the longest airtime of 10.68 seconds in 2012.  Tomas Beck from the Czech Republic is the titleholder when it comes to distance with a flight of 50.37 meters.  Ryan Naccarato and Poland’s Tomasz Chodryra both shared the aerobatics world title last time.

Reach out to me with any questions you may have- Register now!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Internship Opportunity for Women and Minority Students

APS and IBM Research are now accepting applications for paid 10-week internships for undergraduate women and underrepresented minority students

There will be three possible locations for this internship:
San Jose, CA
Austin, TX
Yorktown Heights, NY

Application Requirements:
  • Must be female with sophomore or junior standing at a U.S. college or university at the time of application OR must be underrepresented minority with sophomore or junior standing at a U.S. college or university at the time of application
  • Must be majoring in chemistry, physics, materials science or engineering, computer science or engineering, chemical, electrical, mechanical engineering, or biology, if it has an emphasis on one of the other areas listed
  • Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • No citizenship requirement
For Female Students click here.
For Minority Students click here.
Deadline to apply is February 15

NASA Office of Education Scholarship and Research Opportunities

NASA Office of Education (OE) is accepting applications for NASA Scholarship and Research Opportunities (SRO)

 There are currently two opportunities offered:
  • Minority University Research and Education Project (MUREP) which awards scholarships for individuals in one or more relevant NASA related, STEM disciplines. Students must currently attend or plan to attend an accredited Minority Serving Institution (MSI) in the United States.
  • Aeronautics Undergraduate Scholarships (AUS) which awards scholarships for individuals in areas related to aeronautics. These scholarships are directed toward enhancing the state of aeronautics for the nation, transforming the nation's air transportation system, and developing the knowledge, tools, and technologies to support future air and space vehicles. 
Click here for website and application

APS Local Links Meeting!


Please join us for the next Denver APS Local Link meeting!!

Tuesday, February 3rd at 6 pm

at Vescent Photonics
14998 West 6th Avenue Frontage Road Suite 700, Golden, CO 80401
Click to pull up google map

 This meeting will be a great opportunity to meet and connect with local physicists in the private sector, grad students, postdocs, and faculty. 

We'd love to see you join us there!! 

Also join APS Local Links on Linkedin!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Science Fair Volunteering Opportunities!

Volunteer to judge at the 2015 
Denver Metropolitan Regional Science & Engineering Fair
Wednesday, February 25 from 10:00am-5:00 pm  
Lunch will be provided
Register to Judge at

Registering online puts you in our confirmed judge database and we will be expecting you at the fair, so please let us know if you register and later learn you cannot attend.  Specifics about 2015 judging guidelines will be emailed to you about a week before the fair.