Going to Grad School?

Some of you will be continuing on in your academic career! It is important to make sure you are prepared and do your best to get accepted into the school you'd like to go to! That being said, here are some helpful links regarding some of the things that are important for moving onto the next phase in your life:

Find a Grad School that is Suited for YOU


Advice on the Letter of Intent


Physics GRE Help!!

Case Western has a great resource of flash-cards to use for studying for the GRE!
They can be found here at:

Here is the link to the cards that have been edited or changed:

If you are worried about the cost of the GRE, talk to your financial aid department. Often times you can get a waiver for a cost reduced GRE! But, plan ahead! Make sure you get the waiver early as there are only a certain number granted per year and register as early as possible to make sure you get your seat and that your wavier can reach the ETS before the registration deadlines!

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