Women in Physics

Calling all women!!

Our chapter of the Society of Physics Students wants to show you that women are encouraged to participate in and study physics! Let's not strive to be the next Einstein, but the next Marie Curie or Maria Mayer! If you don't think these names sound familiar or important, take a quick look at their significant contributions in physics by clicking on their name!

Take a look at a list of 4000 Years of Women in Science from all time periods and not only physics, but science in general to see just how much of an impact you can have!

Here is a list of many women in physics and what they've contributed.

Making Information Accessible to All Women

We would like to make information accessible to all women not only in the field, but in general. After all, how often do you hear the words, "I just didn't know"? We want women to follow a strong path to success, find opportunities for them to network, and develop themselves as empowered and influential physicists! Even if physics is not your field, there will be resources below that will help all women in achieving their goals as a scientist.

For more information and statistics about women in physics, take a look here at AIP's (American Institute of Physics) Women in Astronomy and Physics page.

For a more in depth analysis look at the statistics of women in physics, take a look at this presentation.

Organizations and Conferences

Our campus has several groups to help support you as woman in science! For MSU students, the Women in Science and Metro Women in Math groups are great places to connect with other female scholars. For CU Denver students, the Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (WiSTEM) organization offers panels and discussion groups for women and their allies to further the participation and success of women in science.

A number of CUWiP (Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics) meetings are hosted around the country by the APS (American Physical Society) every year. These conferences are specifically tailored to women at the undergraduate level to help them gain professional experience, learn about graduate schools, and network with other women in the field. APS also offers scholarships, resources for women of all levels of physics, and publications and contacts. All of this information and more can be found on the APS website.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is also an organization that focuses on the development of women into the world of science and technology. The membership fee to join this association is only $17 (for undergraduates) a year! This is much less than some other organizations, and membership helps to provide easily accessible information about all sorts of things going on with women scholars!

Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (WEST) is also an organization that helps women in science. Their mission is to create "a learning community that provides women in the enterprise of science and technology with the inspiration, knowledge, and connections to reach their full potential." The membership fee is $95, but for those going into industry, the networking benefits of this group are great.

Another conference you can attend is the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) in Maryland.

Other Connections and Networking Opportunities

If you know someone you feel deserves some recognition, get the word out there! You can nominate any of your female physicists for the Women Physicist of the Month! This is a great way to help us encourage our fellow females and spread the word about what great things are going on with the women you know in physics!

There is a Women in Physics Linked-In page through APS. Connect here and expand your network to lots more women in the field!

See what's out there

Take a look at some cool things going on in physics today!

Staying in Phyics 

Metro State SPS rock star Jasmine Knudsen's Acoustics Project!

Contributions of 20th Century women in physics

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