Friday, March 20, 2015


Do you think you can win a
FREE RED BULL trip to Austria
for simply throwing a paper airplane?
... I think so!!! Well great news,
AurarIa Campus Hosts the Qualifying Event On April 7th for a GLOBAL Paper Air Plane Competition in Austria
Auraria Campus Invites the Campus’s Best Designers, Innovators, and Aviators
to Compete For A Spot in the Global Competition

I present to you Red Bull Paper Wings!

WHAT: Simply come throw a paper airplane and potentially win a free trip to Austria! Win in one or all three categories; Distance, Airtime, or Aerobatics. We will be selecting a winner from each category (three opportunities people!) for a chance to compete in the global competition in Austria- all completely free to you! The past two years that this event was hosted, students from Colorado won a free trip to Austria- This could be you! Let’s keep the tradition going strong eh?! Come show us what you’ve got!

ABOUT:  Forget cockpits, jet engines, and the sweet smell of kerosene.  The only equipment needed is an ordinary, commercial sheet of paper: standard A4 format (297×210mm), not more than 100gms. We will provide plenty to practice with :)  But the recipe for success also requires a strong dose of exceptional folding abilities as well as creativity, imagination, and a grasp of basic aeronautic rules. Check out the 2012 world finals here to get a feel for what this event is like:

WHO:  The Auraria Campus will host a qualifying event in the hopes of sending another local winner to Austria in May.  Sign-ups are now open to all students at UCD MSU and CCD at Just search for "Auraria Campus"!

WHEN & WHERE:  The Auraria Campus qualifier will take place on Tuesday April 7th from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m in the Gym at the recreation center (PE Building) on campus. The May event in Austria will be hosted at the iconic Hangar-7 home of the acrobatic Flying Bulls.

WHY:  Tens of thousands of self-trained pilots (paper airplane pilots that is) will put their extraordinary skills to the test in more than 80 countries on four continents for one of the world’s most international events and the top paper plane contests.All in the name of earning bragging rights and the esteemed title of Red Bull Paper Plane Champion.  We are hoping that a local Roadrunner, Lynx, or Cityhawk from the Auraria Campus will represent us well and bring home the crown!

Fold it, calibrate it, and check the aerodynamics before releasing the plane for a place in the record books.  More than 37,000 fierce competitors from 83 countries took part in the qualifiers in 2012 and that number is set to rise this year as they chase to dethrone Lebanon’s Elie Chemaly, who won with the longest airtime of 10.68 seconds in 2012.  Tomas Beck from the Czech Republic is the titleholder when it comes to distance with a flight of 50.37 meters.  Ryan Naccarato and Poland’s Tomasz Chodryra both shared the aerobatics world title last time.

Reach out to me with any questions you may have- Register now!

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