Tuesday, August 18, 2015

On Tap for the Next Couple Weeks

Hello all and welcome back to the new semester!!! We hope your break was everything you wanted it to be!

Were back in action here and are planning lots for the semester so join us at our first couple of meetings for the inside look at the whole semester :) 

Here is just a Quick Overview of what Fun Events we've planned for you over the next couple weeks

8/27 (Thursday)
         Welcome Back Pizza Party w/ PhiDiP 
        @ 12:00 pm in room NC3405
         PhiDiP is our new discussion group here to talk          about any and all philisophical debates in                    physics. Should be lots of fun and will be held            weekly!!!

8/28 (Friday)
         Colloquium with OUR AMAZING GUEST                                             DR. DENN!!!
         Radio Telescopes and Galaxies
         Snacks provided
         2:30 pm in room NC 3405

9/3 (Thursday)
        12:00 pm NC 3405

9/4 (Friday)
       GRE PREP SESSION @ 2:00 pm in room NC 3405

9/4 (Friday)
       1st Ever SCIENCE ALLIANCE meeting 
       5pm at InWorks (1250 14th St. Denver, CO 80202)

You can always refer to our calendar as well if you forget what is coming up and when! 

Keep in touch with us as always through our email for comments, questions or things you'd like to see happen!!!


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