Monday, May 9, 2016

Applications for PhysCon Funding are Live!

Calling all undergraduate physics students! 

The 2016 Quadrennial Physics Congress, aka. PhysCon, is happening November 3-5 in San Francisco, and we want to send as many representatives from our department as we can. The Congress is held every four years, and is the only physics conference that is expressly for undergraduates, so the entire program, including plenary talks, workshops, exhibitors, tours, and poster sessions, is designed for us! If you want a chance to network with other undergraduates, learn more about graduate school and/or careers in industry, or tour Google X/NASA Ames/SLAC, then we want you to sign up. Haven't been involved much with SPS? No problem! Not a member of SPS National? That's ok (though we always encourage people to join for the many benefits of membership)! Haven't done any research yet? Sweet; this conference is the right one to go to! We strongly encourage underclassmen to apply, along with anyone else who has an interest.

Apply for funding here:

Application tips:

  • You do not need to present a poster! If you have one in the works, go for it, but this is not a requirement for consideration.
  • Your essay should be 250 words or less (a decent paragraph).
  • We will leave the application up during the summer, but please apply ASAP. We need to have the complete list of attending students at the START of the fall semester to receive funding, so we will be selecting attendees in early August.
  • Everyone who applied to attend the last conference got to go, so even if you're not sure... apply anyway!

The fine print: We will be procuring funding from our respective institutions to pay for this trip. In order to make this trip happen for as many students as possible, we will probably be requesting institutional funding for hotel rooms and registration fees only. This means YOU will be responsible for acquiring funding for your plane ticket and a few meals, which you can do out of pocket or through various other funding venues, including SPS National (if you are a member), the CU Denver President's Diversity Fund, or possibly departmental funds (though we're not counting on these). If you're not sure if you can cover these costs, go ahead and apply and we'll work out the details in the fall. We also will be housing four students per hotel room, but we've done it before with great success.

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