Monday, October 5, 2015

This Week's PhiDiP - Thursday, Oct. 8 @ 12:15PM

We're on week three of our Quantum Mechanics series, and the topic this week is Chaos Theory (as a lead in to next week's discussion on free will). Here are some resources to get you started!

"Quantum Mechanics and Chaos - Daniel Kleppner"
A 12 min Youtube video with MIT Professor Daniel Kleppner discussing the uncertainty principle, the "rediscovery" of chaos known as the butterfly effect, and "quantum chaology."

"An Introduction to Quantum Chaos"
A very in depth introduction, but if you've got the time, check it out. Jump to page 22 to skip the background and read up on the three types of quantum chaos.

"A Brief Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Chaos & Decoherence"
No joke, this is VERY brief. Click the "MORE INFO" link for the 14 page summary on Quantum Chaos that is the real introduction here. :)

"Chaos theory"
Wikipedia is never my first choice for sources, but hey, they did their homework on this one:

"Chaos: Classical and Quantum"
If all this stuff is tickling your fancy, you can get the details from some of the pioneers of the field with their free online book and on-demand courses:

Make sure to hit up at least one resource before Thursday, and we'll see you then!

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