Tuesday, October 27, 2015

University Rover Challenge

Joseph Finkiewicz, a senior at MSU Denver in the Aerospace Systems Engineering Technology program, is the co-lead on the University Rover Challenge, and has invited us to join an Auraria competition team.

We are looking for students, of any level of experience, who want to be involved in this, and our goal is to get 3-9+ more students involved with the challenge; to design and build the next generation Mars rover that will someday work alongside astronauts on Mars. 

Some of the tasks include:
  • Navigating rough terrain (hills and drops),
  • Collects soil sample and analyzes it for environmental data & biological material,
  • Assists astronauts  in handling dexterous tasks,
  • Must use GPS and Radio Communications to operate

If you are interested please have contact me directly by phone or email

Name: Joe Finkiewicz
Phone: 303-396-7203

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